Feeling lucky (eng)

They say „Love hurts“, but that’s not true…

The only thing that hurts, when it comes to love, is the drama about it. Often we try to have our point. Often we don’t slip in the shoes of our loved ones. We just assume what’s inside the mind of our counterpart. To be misunderstood and the reaction of that is what really hurts.

I found love, i still love… even if i got rejected…. even if i got deleted. That’s what i learned. It doesn’t require the other one to love you back. Love is a truth i found. Love calms me down.

I am sad right now but i still love…

I had the happiest times, with the special one. Now it’s over. Rejected. Deleted. Case closed.

But the ability to love is still there… and because of that i am feeling lucky.

My heart is still alive, it ain’t broken… in fact its more wide and open then ever before…

Thank you, for being here. Thank you for all the times we spend together.

Thank you for the revival of myself.

In love



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