The Ocean

You scratched marks in the sand with your shoes, and the waves came in and washed them away… just perfect sand was left. That’s what happened with all my sorrows… We both walked at the beach and the wide ocean took them all… we walked for a long time and the rain and sea splashed in our faces.

We had lunch and after that we went to the car and got ourselves some blankets, after the rain has stopped.

As the only ones, sitting in the sand, warmed by the blankets we just watched the wide sea… In this moment, you were the most important thing for me…

The cold, didn’t matter

The others watching us, didn’t matter

Just you, me and the sea-gulls.

A ferry made its way out of the deep hanging clouds. A comfortable calm was in me, my heart felt light and happy.

You leaned on me, I sat behind you.

You felt my cold hands through the blanket that was wrapped around you. I warmed my nose on your cap and we talked and laughed together.

The waves sang their song, the ocean was wide and beautiful and everything I felt was you….


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